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About TutorNerd

Private Academic Tutoring & Test-Prep with Expert Tutors

Lets talk about school

Before we tell you about TutorNerd, let’s talk about school in general.
Tell us if this sounds like you or your student:

- Overwhelmed by a variety of academic courses and extracurriculars.
- Studying extra (or not!) for standardized exams.
- Stressed out about the looming task of getting into a great college or graduate program.
- Not getting as much sleep as would be ideal.
- Confused and constantly rushed for time.
- ...and feeling there’s no end in sight.


If you nodded to yourself while reading any one of these (or all of them),

you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, this is has become the norm in school
But let us ask you a one more question:
Do you feel like you’re trying to master school all on your own?
If you are, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to.

Life would be easier if you had a team of experts available to help you achieve academic success.

That’s why we started TutorNerd.

TutorNerd started in 2017 as the evolution of TutorNerds, the premier in-home tutoring, test preparation, and admissions consulting service in Orange County, California. What made TutorNerds unique was our team of skilled tutors and personal customer service.

With TutorNerd, we dropped our “s” but kept the same high-quality private instruction, and added the option of working with a tutor online via our proprietary virtual classroom environment. At this point, we have over a decade of experience helping students navigate the rigors of modern education.


Maybe you didn't know

Most tutoring companies are either “marketplaces” where nearly ANYONE can create a profile and claim to be a “great tutor,” or they are impersonal franchises that often hire inexperienced tutors.

We hear it all the time from students, parents, and even our own tutors:

“I used to work with (insert tutoring company name) and I didn’t like the experience.”


What makes TutorNerd different

We are the only tutoring company with a team of highly educated (and thoroughly vetted) tutors (available both online and in-person) and a convenient scheduling platform available online or via phone.

Plus, we offer tutors who specialize in standardized exams (like the SAT or ACT) as well as admissions consultants for college or graduate school.

We’re basically one-stop stopping for professional, high-quality academic support.

Our tutors & staff

Most companies hire their tutors in bulk, without even meeting them. At TutorNerd, our number one priority is finding the brightest and friendliest tutors so that our students feel confident and see results quickly.


At TutorNerd, we’ve maintained our personal customer service that our clients enjoyed when we were only a local tutoring company. When you call TutorNerd, a real-life person answers the phone. If you prefer to schedule your tutoring sessions online, all you have to do is select a subject, find the ideal tutor, and select a schedule opening.



With TutorNerd, rest assured you will be working with an expert tutor who is both friendly and professional. And we back up all our matches with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don’t like your tutor, you don’t pay.

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