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Christopher K.

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California State University of Fullerton

B.A., English

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Tutoring Experience

I attended California State University of Fullerton and graduated with a B.A. in English. Now, I am currently attending CSUF's post-baccalaureate program to obtain my teaching credential. I student teach at Irvine High school as part of the program's expectations and procedures. I have been student teaching the past year. I have experience teaching students across the board, from incoming freshmen to graduating seniors. I create daily lesson plans, accommodate special needs students, attend professional learning community (PLC) meetings, and meet with parents. In short, these are my qualifications and experience: B.A., English from CSUF, student teaching at the high school level (9th - 12th grade), and en route to being a fully credentialed teacher and educator come December 2017 .

Why choose Christopher?

I am passionate about tutoring because it is a direct investment into my own future. By becoming an educator I have the opportunity and privilege to work with future generations. Therefore, teaching and tutoring carries an immense responsibility. The students I teach have the potential to be the doctors that prescribe medicine to my family, the car mechanics that help me when I'm stuck on the side of the freeway, the musicians that I listen to on Spotify, the firefighters who rescue my home, and the inventors whose creations will make my life easier. This is why I became an educator. The students that I teach today will be the people I learn from tomorrow.

Other Interests

I'm a huge proponent of collecting moments and not things. So when I'm not teaching I love to travel. Each year I try to broaden my horizons and visit somewhere I've never been to before. The past couple of years I've seen some incredible things. I've trekked across the ridges of Olomana Three Peaks in Oahu, camped cliff side at Taft Point in Yosemite, paddleboarded with a view of the Seattle skyline, hiked Angel's Landing (one of the USA's deadliest hikes and certainly not for the faint of heart) in Utah, swam with stingrays in the Bahamas, and cliff jumped at the Kahili Ice Ponds in Hawaii. Overall, my favorite hobby is collecting new memories.

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