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Keshav S.

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UC Irvine Class of 2019

Major: Neurobiology Minors: Biomedical Engineering, Comparative Literature

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Tutoring Experience

I have been tutoring since 2013, starting off as an after school tutor at my high school. Then, during senior year, school my friends and I started our own tutoring business focused on offering personalized one-on-one tutoring in our community. Once I started college, I tutored on campus in a classroom-style setting. However, I really prefer the one-on-one style of tutoring, which is why I found TutorNerds and started working with them. Through my many years of experience tutoring I have met so many different kinds of students and have experienced first-hand how every person learns differently. As such, I make sure to cater to the student's needs since I am primarily here to help YOU.

Why choose Keshav?

Tutoring is something that has been a part of my life for many years and it is something I do because I genuinely enjoy it. I know how horrible it feels to be lost in a class and not succeeding, despite putting in all your effort. No one gets to where they are today by themselves, and I have had so many people help me, in academics and beyond, that tutoring is how I give back. I know how much I benefited from outside help, and I hope to be able to offer my advice, experiences, and knowledge to someone else as well. There is no greater satisfaction for me than to help students get to where they want to be, whether that be improved grades or greater understanding of a concept. I, myself, also learn so much just by meeting new people and teaching them. I love tutoring because it not only allows me to watch someone grow, but makes me grow alongside them.

Other Interests

In my free time I love going hiking and camping, which I picked up from when I was a Boy Scout. I also have a Disneyland pass, so I visit pretty often and take advantage of that. I can talk about my research that I'm doing at school pretty much forever, and science in general is something I get excited about. I watch a lot of TV too and my current favorite shows are 30 Rock and Game of Thrones.

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