4 Goals For Students in the New Year

As students return to the classroom, it’s time to start thinking about goals for the New Year. Even if the first half of the year was a success, it’s important to set new goals and continue to improve. Below are four suggested goals from a private OC online tutor.

1. Start Your Assignments Early

Some students start early, and others wait until the last minute. Don’t be the latter. Sure, it’s possible to pull off a scholarly paper or impressive test score by cramming the night before, but odds are you won’t be putting forth the quality work of which you are capable. Work with your private Orange County online tutor to create a schedule for getting major assignments done on time. That brings us to our next goal.

2. Create a Schedule and Stick to it

If you started the school year with a schedule kudos to you. If you actually stuck to that schedule then please skip to our third goal. For the rest of you, let’s try this again. Creating a plan, whether it’s in a notebook, calendar, or on your desktop, is a great way to set goals and stay on top of them. A great place to start is with your syllabi that teachers will hand out at the start of the new semester. Add any due dates, test dates, or other notable events to your schedule. To go along with our first goal, plug in reminders for due dates and tests as well. For example, if a paper is due on a Friday, add in a reminder to work on it for the week before.

3. Get More Sleep

This one is easier said than done but bear with us. Sleep is essential for healthy brain function and can help students focus when in the classroom. We know you all have busy schedules, but putting the phone down and getting to bed even thirty minutes earlier will help you feel energized and ready to kick butt in the morning. Avoid any caffeine a couple of hours before you plan on hitting the hay.

4. Improve Your Grades With Online Tutoring

Online tutoring with one of our experienced Irvine tutors is a convenient way to improve your grades and test scores. Same as in-person tutoring, online tutors are real people who will interact with you via a video conference. You’ll be able to submit assignments and view your tutor's notes and suggestions. Remember to sign up for tutoring early in the semester, as it gets harder and harder to catch up as the class progresses.

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