Meet Your Online Tutor: Patricia Seabourne 


Name: Patricia Seabourne

Subjects: Spanish, Writing, English

College: SDSU

College Major: History and Marine Biology

Bio: I obtained my first degree at the University of Salamanca in Spain (Spanish and Education). Later on, I attended SDSU to complete degrees in Biology and History. I have been tutoring for more than seven years privately and online. I have also worked as a classroom high school teacher, and have taught in Spain, Belgium and America.

Approach to tutoring: I evaluate each student independently to find out gaps in knowledge, goals, and learning style/needs. I utilize part of the lessons to teach necessary concepts and theory.

Why online tutoring is important for students: It is more convenient and the students can have a tutoring session from many different locations.

Favorite study tip: Keep grammar, theory, and concepts tidy in a separate notebook for easy access and weekly reviews.

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