What Do the Events of the Year 2020 Mean for the Future of Learning?

Socially distanced, virtual learning is rapidly becoming the new norm in 2020 and beyond, with schools switching to entirely virtual semesters in efforts to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.

But, surely, there are benefits to virtual tutoring & learning that don't solely pertain to the realm of virus mitigation. 

Here are the top five reasons, in order, why you should elect for virtual tutoring over in-person tutoring.

5. Virtual Tutoring Provides Convenience.

Let's get the obvious out of the way: Virtual tutoring is the more convenient tutoring option than in-person tutoring. You can attend a virtual tutoring session in your pajamas.

You didn't need us to tell you that, but perhaps the specifics behind that conclusion aren't so apparent.

For one, virtual tutoring is not only convenient for the student but for the tutor as well. The tutor no longer has to travel, so he or she can spend more time preparing a lesson plan, reviewing material, and making sure the quality of the virtual tutoring experience that he or she is about to deliver is top-notch.

Going virtual also makes the tutoring experience more comfortable overall: The student isn't inviting a stranger into his or her home and the tutor doesn't have to worry about becoming a potential victim of kidnapping. 

4. It Looks After Your Wallet.

Another benefit to virtual tutoring is that it's less expensive than in-person tutoring

The pricing behind in-person tutoring has to consider, for the tutor, things like travel time, travel distance, anything hazardous that may occur along the journey, time spent inside the home, the tutor's pay, etc. 

However, the pricing for virtual tutoring only takes into account what matters the most: The virtual tutoring experience. There's no travel, no time spent inside a stranger's home, just virtual tutoring, the time it takes to complete the session, and the quality of the session.

3. It Provides More Flexibility.

Have you ever had to reschedule or cancel an in-person tutoring appointment before? 

As the student, you probably weren't aware of the logistics that went into scheduling that in-person tutoring appointment.

Rescheduling or canceling any in-person tutoring appointment, either last-minute or otherwise, is very frustrating.

With virtual tutoring, it is considerably easier to handle reschedules & cancelations, both for the tutor and the student.

The tutor can reopen their availability and find another student in need of virtual tutoring much faster & easier than he or she could with in-person tutoring.

And, if the student wishes to reschedule with the same tutor, it simply becomes a matter of availability that would be more difficult to come by with in-person tutoring.

2. It's Arguably Safer.

As I mentioned before, virtual tutoring eliminates completely any worry or anxiety about something going very wrong during an in-person tutoring session.

But something that the year 2020 made us all very aware of is the biological precautions & safety measures that we should all be taking in our day-to-day lives.

Virtual tutoring is socially distanced, therefore no illnesses can spread between the tutor and the student. The learning that takes place within a tutoring session can be carried out in full via the online tutoring platform.

And even if the tutor and the student were to wear a mask during the in-person tutoring session, the tutor is still touching household surfaces inside the student's home that can spread disease both ways.

1. It Prepares You for the Future.

Finally, virtual tutoring prepares you for the personalized future of learning.

Especially with the events of the year 2020, it's no secret that learning institutions, universities, and schools all over the world will be looking to greatly enhance their virtual learning experiences.

While many of us may like to believe that the lecture hall will always remain the most popular choice, we'd be foolish to think that the virtual classroom could not ever replace it.

Getting a handle on virtual learning now not only yields short-term benefits for the student but also prepares him or her for what will inevitably be the future of learning.

Virtual learning also enhances the student's ability to focus and problem-solve in the virtual world, a valuable life skill that will continue to pay dividends in years to come.

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