Why Online Tutoring Is The Best 

With the growth in technology, development of the internet, and the recent rise in demand, online tutoring has exploded in popularity. The online tutoring industry gained more prominence in 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic that necessitated lockdowns around the world. In this article, we will discuss what online tutoring is, its effectiveness, as well as the benefits of online tutoring services over in-person tutoring. 

What Is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is a virtual method of teaching in which the tutor and student communicate from different physical locations using the internet, computers, phones, tablets, and other mobile tools. Online tutoring is also referred to as E-learning or virtual learning. Online tutoring involves the use of audio tools, videos, and other tools such as whiteboards.

Is Online Tutoring Effective?

Yes! Online tutoring is quite effective for multiple reasons. Online tutoring allows students to take classes from the comfort of their home without the added stress of commuting every day. Furthermore, tutors are more accessible when it comes to online tutoring, giving students better access to more academic help. Online tutoring also affords students convenience, as you can choose what works best for you in regards to schedule & timing.

Online Tutoring Vs. In-Person Tutoring 

In-person tutoring is the more traditional means of learning, having been used for centuries. However, the newer method which is online tutoring has amazing benefits that make it a better option. Below are some benefits that online tutoring has over in-person tutoring. 

  • Cost and Time: One of the most important arguments for online tutoring is time and cost. Learning from the comfort of your home, you save yourself the long hours of traveling to a physical location for classes. This also eliminates the cost that comes with commuting. You can simply turn on your computer and attend classes on your couch. The fees for online tutoring are also significantly lower than those of in-person tutoring.
  • Better Access to Study Materials: With online tutoring, students have easier and better access to notes and study materials. In-person tutoring usually requires scribbling while the tutor teaches. This might make it difficult to move the class along, leaving some students lagging. Online tutoring involves the use of study materials usually sent to students beforehand as well as in-class notes taken using applications like whiteboards and Google Docs.

The Difficulties of In-Person Tutoring 

The difficulties faced with in-person tutoring cannot be easily overlooked. They include high costs of education, limited lecture time, as well as larger, more impersonal classes. These difficulties make it more challenging for tutors to work to the best of their abilities. 

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