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“Be a student as long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.”

Henry L. Doherty

Whether you’ve always wanted to continue your studies at the graduate level or you’ve just decided to apply to graduate school, the graduate school admissions process can be extremely confusing and taxing. On your own it’s difficult to keep track of the multiple deadlines and program requirements you will inevitably encounter during the admissions process. Don’t distress! Allow the consultants at TutorNerd to help you with your graduate school admissions today!

Our consultants help a variety of clients improve their graduate school applications with clear results. Consultants review a client’s full application and then recommend a comprehensive plan to improving their candidacy for graduate school. Whether you have yet to take the GRE or you would like us to review a completed draft of your personal statement, TutorNerd will review your entire application and be your guiding hand throughout the business school admissions process.

At Tutor Nerd, graduate school admission consultants are happy to help you with all parts of the application process, including:
● Full application review and critique
● Create a personalized plan: timelines, schools, career and research aspirations
● Candidacy: review GPA and GRE/GRE Subject scores
● Personal Statements and Statements of Intent
● Collecting Letters of Recommendation
● Discussing extenuating circumstances
● Advice choosing between multiple acceptances
● Interview Preparation
● Scholarship and Funding negotiation

Here at Tutor Nerd we know generic admissions advising often does not meet your personal needs. At TutorNerd, you can personalize your advising experience! Hiring one of our expert graduate school admissions consultants is like having a personal counselor devoted to all of your needs. Our consultants come to you at a time and place that is convenient and comfortable for you!

Here at TutorNerd, we guarantee a pleasant and exciting graduate school admissions experience from the first session. Call Tutor Nerd to get started!



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